IMG_0997I’m David Putman and this blog is about life and what it means to live a fully integrated one.  There are at least six significant parts to my simple existence.  All of these parts center around the values that drive my life and make me who I am.

Here they are:

  1. Relational – treating others the way I want to be treated.
  2. Emotional – embracing the truth that hurts as the truth that heals.
  3. Spiritual – eliminating religion and replacing it with the grace of God.
  4. Financial – wisely using my resources to create experiences and change lives.
  5. Physical – competing against myself to become a little healthier every day.
  6. Professionally – adding value to those I have the privilege to serve.

In addition to these values, my life is surrounded by a wonderful family. I’ve been married to Tami for 36 years and we have two grown children, Dave and Amanda, who have given us three awesome grandchildren, Max, Brynn, and Caleb.

I have the privilege of working for a great organization, Auxano (auxano.com), which is a category leader in vision clarity.  I lead a non-profit organization, Planting the Gospel (plantingthegospel.com), where our vision is to take the whole gospel to the whole world.  I’ve had the opportunity to write several books including, I Woke Up In Heaven, The Gospel Disciple, Detox for the Overly Religious, Breaking the Discipleship Code, and co-wrote Breaking the Missional Code with Ed Stetzer. I am currently working on The Gospel Disciple Journey, which I hope to publish in early 2016.

I’m passionate about staying fit and love competitive Crossfit.  I mostly compete against myself, but my next goal is to make the Qualifying Round for the World Crossfit Games in 2016.  To achieve this I will have to be one of the top 200 Crossfitters in the world in my age division (55-59).  I’m discovering the key to success is outlasting your competition.

My life mission is to help others discover the simplicity of Jesus and His ways.





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