Living in Another World

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!  It really is! Yet many people miss it.  Jesus said they would.  Seeing they don’t see, hearing they don’t hear, or understand.

I was hanging with a friend one night.  We were sitting around a fire talking about theology.  It became apparent to me that the ways of Jesus that have become so familiar to me over the past couple of years are often strange to many.

Later when I prayed with my wife, I asked God to invade our lives with his presence.  Then I looked at her and said, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

I was recently asked by an antagonist, “What is the Gospel?”  I replied, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand”.  This is the Gospel…Good News!  The Kingdom of Heaven is really at hand.

In Matthew 13, Jesus has a lot to say about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Read it for yourself.  The very first parable he shares is about the farmer who sows seed.  There are four responses, some seed fell on the path and were quickly eaten up by the birds, others fell among shallow soil, some fell among thorns, and finally some fell among good soil.  It was only the seed that fell among good soil that yielded a crop 100, 60, 30 times.

That’s what I want…I want to be good soil.  The things that hindered the gospel were:

  • Lack of understanding – God show me your way!
  • Trouble and persecution – God give me faith!
  • Deceitfulness of wealth – God be enough in my life!
  • Worries of this life – God be my peace!

May I encounter every day with my eyes wide open…show me your way!  Invade every area of my life.  May your Kingdom come into my life in full bloom!  May I yield a crop 100, 60, 30 fold.  May you be glorified.


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